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Family Practice is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by Oxford University Press dealing with matters of interest to general practitioners.

Hofmans-Okkes IM and Lamberts H. The International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC): new applications in researchand computer-based patient records in family practice. I am very happy that I am receiving the individualized care that Dr. Gardner’s practice gives – it’s particularly valuable as I grow older and new conditions arise. Over the last 18 years of my practice, I’ve seen tremendous success in helping people improve their health when low-carbohydrate dietary changes are anchored as the foundation of treatment.

We offer primary and preventive care, including bioidentical hormone therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine, functional medicine, hypothyroidism treatment, chiropractic care, weight loss therapy, allergy treatment, homeopathy, yoga therapy, and medical nutrition. At Wiseman Family Practice we recognize there is an increasing number of patients with symptoms of hypothyroidism. The PCMH status means that The Family Practice delivers the core functions and attributes of an optimal primary health care office.

Dr. Vogt and his staff pride themselves in being nationally recognized as a level two patient-centered medical home (PCMH). Our physicians are united by the mission of providing better, more coordinated care for their patients. Our articles in this section give you an overview of the different medical careers, how much they earn and also what their job descriptions are.

Articles on prenatal care after conception and health advice for the pregnant women. We would be honored to take care of your entire family, so please feel free to contact us for appointments or further information on the family medicine services we offer. We strive to be on top of the latest health news so that we best serve all the people who rely on us to keep their families healthy, and we are grateful to all the patients who have been with us over the years.

I encourage my patients to act healthy! Since a chronic cough can be a sign of more serious health conditions that should not be ignored, we recommend visiting one of our healthcare providers if you experience a cough that won’t go away. If you are taking one of these medications and notice that your cough won’t go away, we recommend speaking to your healthcare provider about potential alternatives.

Our healthcare providers can evaluate your symptoms to determine if a bacterial infection is causing your chronic coughing. Broadlands Family Practice is a proud member of Privia Medical Group. Your family’s health is important to us, and we look forward to providing you the best care possible over the years!

Right from the time of conception, to the delivery, care must be taken to ensure that both the expectant mother and her unborn child stay healthy during the course of pregnancy. House, his team, and Cuddy talk about the dangers of slipping the patient drugs without the knowledge of the attending physician, now that they have moved on to a diagnosis of fungal endocarditis which requires giving her a dangerous antibiotic.

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